Boomer Amps create customised guitar amplifiers made from recycled material and carefully sourced vintage speakers. Handcrafted in Melbourne, each amplifier is one of a kind.

Started by Gareth Holloway after many years of playing music, trying out guitars, testing amps and creating effects. The hunt was on for a new sound, tone and combination of sounds, but this was difficult to find.

Having a background in trade (construction) and combined with his love of music, Gareth found that he could build his own amplifiers and discover ‘hands on’ new sounds by designing something that didn’t previously exist, but just in his head.

Boomer Amps on-going mission is to create each amplifier as one of a kind and green in design.

Recycling each and every part…gives old material and old speakers a new life, but most of all, gives you a box to think outside of!

“After years of playing a cocktail of guitars, effects, amplifiers, my playing style had been evolving and changing, but what I realised was that all along I had been searching for my own ‘signature’ sound. My setup was awesome, all bar one part…the amplifier. There was something about the amplifiers that were available in store, they seemed unoriginal, the same old production line sound that ‘belonged’ to someone else.”

Gareth Holloway

Gareth Holloway

Founder of Boomer Amps